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Cardboard Dungeon Games Est. 2018

Cardboard Dungeon Games Est. 2018

Cardboard Dungeon Games Est. 2018Cardboard Dungeon Games Est. 2018Cardboard Dungeon Games Est. 2018

Multiple new games in development, including the Carniverse, a modern day skirmish game set in a world overrun by dinosaurs.


Miniatures Casting


Cardboard Dungeon Games is currently gearing up to open our spin casting division! We've partnered up with Epic Duck Studios and have begun creating our own line of sculpts to bring some great miniatures to your tabletop in the new year. The initial series will be geared towards the Carniverse game system and will include both survivors, and dinosaurs!

H.U.N.T Quickstart Guide


Our next game launch, the H.U.N.T will have a free quickstart guide available in the coming months. H.U.N.T is a miniatures agnostic game which allows you to use any terrain or miniatures currently in your collection as your corporate controlled crews battle it out in the holo-arena for glory and wealth.

Coat D'Arms Paints Are Here!


CDG is proud to be offering the complete line of Coat d'arms paint (all 150 shades from the Fantasy, Military, and WWII lines). Current stock is now available on our store page and is ship-able to both Canada and the United States.

Tales of Survival Vol.1


The first mini-expansion to the Carniverse is now complete and available for digital download alongside the Carniverse core rule book in our online store. It offers a ton of additional content to expand upon your Carniverse experience.


Your Canadian Source for Reaper Miniatures

We're very excited to announce that we've been accepted as a Canadian stockist for the Reaper brand of miniatures. While we are starting out with a small sampling of the Reaper line, you can expect to see our offering grow over time. Currently we are focusing on miniatures suitable for the Carniverse, and our upcoming game, H.U.N.T

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