Cardboard Dungeon Games

Cardboard Dungeon Games
Est. 2018


New games in development, including the Carniverse, a new modern day skirmish game set in a world overrun by dinosaurs.

Coming Soon...

Miniatures Casting


Cardboard Dungeon Games is currently gearing up to open our spin casting division! We've partnered up with some existing casters overseas as well as began creating our own line of sculpts to bring some great miniatures to your tabletop in the new year.

H.U.N.T Quickstart Guide


Our next game launch, the H.U.N.T will have a free quickstart guide available in the coming months. H.U.N.T is a miniatures agnostic game which allows you to use any terrain or miniatures currently in your collection as your corporate controlled crews battle it out in the holo-arena for glory and wealth.


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