Cardboard Dungeon Games

Cardboard Dungeon Games Est. 2018

NICK - Owner & Founder

A lifelong gamer, Nick has been running RPG's for over 25 years and is constantly creating and expanding his home-brew adventuring world. 

Nick has been a previous investor in The Sword & Board, a Toronto based gaming store, but is now mainly a contributor to his FLGS' coffers.

Currently he is working on the completion of the successful Carniverse Kickstarter project (the 1st undertaken by Cardboard Dungeon Games).

He is also hard at work on the next two expansions for the Carniverse, as well as the next game to fall under the CDG umbrella entitled H.U.N.T.

If that wasn't enough, he is utilizing his past experience with metal working in order to complete the set up a new spin casting division.

But most importantly he plans to continue growing the tabletop community in whatever ways he can.

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