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Cardboard Dungeon Games Est. 2018

Cardboard Dungeon Games Est. 2018

Cardboard Dungeon Games Est. 2018Cardboard Dungeon Games Est. 2018Cardboard Dungeon Games Est. 2018

Carniverse Kickstarter Completed

The Kickstarter campaign for the Carniverse is now over with the funding level hitting a mighty 281%.  This entire process has been extremely humbling, and we are absolutely thrilled to be getting this game out into the world and onto your tabletops. Pledges have already shipped to all backers, and you can get your own digital download or physical copy of the core book in the Store section now!.

What's Next?

The Carniverse was always designed to be told in a trilogy, and the game will follow that format. We have developed a product timeline that will currently see additional releases for the Carniverse each year until 2023. These will come in the form of physical books, PDF's, and even miniatures! We're also working on our next game project, the futuristic and quick playing H.U.N.T


You read that right! In early 2020 we will launch our first campaign to create a Carniverse themed miniatures series. These small series will feature a mix of both human and dinosaur models all in 28mm scale. Sculpts are currently being worked on as you read this. All miniatures will be cast in house allowing for us to maintain maximum quality control.

Event Attendance

Check out our Event page to see any upcoming dates where you can demo our games, buy physical copies of our rule books, dice, miniatures, and paint, or just where to find us to chat about the hobby we all love!

Reaper Miniatures Inbound

We've been accepting as a Canadian stockist for Reaper. Our initial offering has been loaded into our store (stock is updating steadily). We hope to expand on our Reaper sku list heavily over the coming months

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